Florida Station's News Car Vandalized with anti-Semitic Phrase

A Reporter with Gray's WCTV in Tallahassee told police that an anti-Semitic phrase had been scrawled on the hood of her station’s car.

Reporter Lanetra Bennett told police she found the words written in black marker on the hood of the station’s car Monday as she drove to work.

Bennett said she left the marked news car at her southeast Tallahassee home over the weekend and did not notice it until Monday.

In reports on the incident, Tallahassee Police said they had not visited the scene or collected evidence but filed the report at the request of the reporting party. The incident is not being investigated.

“The meaning of that message was unclear; it did not contain profanity, nor did it make a personal attack,” WCTV News Director Jeff Schlesser wrote in an email. “There was no threat. The employee tells us she believes this is an isolated incident.  As a station and a newsroom, we felt it was absolutely necessary to document what happened by taking video and pictures for our internal files.”

H/T Tallahassee Democrat