Milwaukee Anchor Reacts to Her "Revealing Wardrobe" Letter

We'll say it again.....

Females working in TV news have it so much harder then the men when it comes to dealing with the trolls on social media. 

WISN (Milwaukke) Anchor Toya Washington got an anonymous letter in the mail (people still mail stuff) saying that, “Lately, your style of dress has become ‘more revealing’ and ‘less professional’ … and there’s no reason to wear what appeared to be a ‘camisole’ … to increase your ratings.”

After suggesting that Washington learn from her more modestly dressed peers, the letter writer clarified: “Our main objective when watching the news is to get the news, not to see the amount of ‘exposed skin’ a female anchor is showing. Quite possibly, you might be ‘feeling your age’ as an anchor, and think that ‘less dress is more.’”

Washington posted the letter to social media and then responded: 

I'm likely opening up a can of worms here...but you know me...sometimes I can't resist.
This is laughable my friends. I don't know where to begin...because there's a lot to unpack here. Especially considering I've acquired one new dress in my work wardrobe in the past few months (the 4 dollar one that has a higher crew neck, mind you). In regards to the "camisole" (if that's even a word still commonly used in the fashion world), if I was wearing said "camisole" it was likely because whatever I was wearing might have been a little low for my comfort level.

Let's be clear here...I'm a competitive person by nature so yes, I enjoy winning. I feel confident in saying this...collectively at WISN 12 NEWS we enjoy a good fought win, but with the QUALITY of our product. Not with personal stunts. So isn't my style. It's beneath me.
As far as "feeling my age" Just. Wow. If "feeling my age" is in reference to still being able to effectively slay at work and at home as a wife and mother, then yes...I feel star-spangled-banner good for "my age." For the record and "for my age", I haven't been this fit and in shape since high school. Which apparently was forever ago...

Trust me, I'm trying to appreciate the buried compliments within the context of this mail. However, it's challenging when it's left unsigned. An anonymous letter (in my opinion) leaves one with diminished credibility. Unless you're a source who's key to uncovering a newsworthy scandal.
I'll continue to "keep up the good work" regardless of your opinions. And no, I won't be changing my style.

Now I need to remember what I wore on 2/ I can wear it again.

H/T Yahoo