Look Who's At The Mayor's Fundraiser?

How many times do we have to say it?

You work in TV news, you need to stay away from all thinks political!

It does nothing but hurt your credibility. 

Check out this tweet by the campaign for Evansville, Indiana Mayor Lloyd Winnecke.

Now, if you look at the pictures from the fundraiser that the campaign tweeted, look who's standing in the first row?

It's WFIE Anchor Randy Moore.

How are the Mayor's opponent(s) supposed to feel, when the local TV newsman is showing up at the Mayor's fundraiser?

Can the viewer's trust that Moore and the station are impartial when it comes to covering the Mayor's race? 

And you would think that Moore would know that this is already a hot issue with him. 

In 2015, the station pulled Moore from moderating a debate after it was revealed that he and his wife donated to Mayor Winnecke's campaign. 

Now, he's pictured at the fundraiser.

You would think he would learn and more importantly, you would think that his bosses at the Raycom station would reel in their main Anchor a bit. 

Moore's actions not only hurt him, but the station as a whole.