Smelling Like Roses

CBS This Morning Anchor Charlie Rose returned to work on Monday, just five weeks after undergoing emergency heart surgery.

The 75-year-old Anchor appeared excited to be back on the air at the beginning of the program, telling his co-hosts Norah O'Donnell and Gayle King how happy he was to be back with them in the studio.

'Thanks to everybody for hanging in there as I went through this,' said Rose at the start of the show. 'I'm pleased to be back!' 

There was also an impressive list of A-list names who taped messages welcoming Rose back to CBS, including former New York Yankees star Derek Jeter and President Donald Trump, who said: 'Charlie, welcome back. We all missed you.'

Rose responded by joking: 'Are you sure he's talking about me?' 

Rose also revealed that his recovery is going far better than expected, which explains why he looked so healthy for his return to morning television.

'The interesting thing is that the surgeons say to me, "Everything, everything that we wanted to do came out even better than we expected. So we're very excited about what it's going to be in terms of how you can perform,"' said Rose, who had surgery to replace a valve in his heart.

'It's always good when you come back and people are happy to see you, as opposed to, "Oh, he's back,"' joked King, who then added: 'We're very happy!'

Rose then joked: 'Or he looks like a corpse.' 

H/T Daily Mail