Fox News to Push for Single Advertiser Shows

As TV networks get ready for the Upfronts, Fox News is looking to take a bold step. 

The Upfronts is where networks make their pitches to media buyers and try and sell much of their inventory, as early as possible. 

While others are going to try and sell as much commercial time as they can, Fox News is actually looking to cut back on ad time on some of their shows. 

The cable net is hoping to push individual advertisers sponsor an entire hour of programming, usually with fewer commercials.

This approach is a win for the viewers, because they will have fewer interruptions and it's a win for the advertiser, because they are fully featured. 

“It takes the right client because it’s a big ask,” Fox News VP of eastern sales Dominick Rossi told Broadcasting and Cable. “You’re going to fund an hour of television. We’ll make sure the audience knows they’re getting extended coverage because of you.”

Time will tell if that approach works. But, anytime you can offer more content and less commercials, we're all for it.