San Antonio Station Under Fire On Bathroom Bill

Texas is one of the states facing a "Bathroom Bill".  And because WOAI is 'News 4 San Antonio', they decided to do a town hall on the issue.

Randy Beamer (don't call me just, Beamer) hosted the program. Fifteen minutes into the show, the leader of the transgender group and opponents of SB6, walked out. The controversy centers over a bill that states whatever your gender on your birth certificate, that's the bathroom you must use.

The group claimed WOAI didn't adequately represent all sides, specifically, the transgender community. ND Blaise Labbe said they tried reaching out to each group.

FTVLive has some advice for the groups that left. Don't worry, WOAI's news is in last place anyway. No one saw it.

Here's the video, if you're curious.