Isn't That What You're Supposed to Do?

If you pass by the studios of KRDO in Colorado Springs, you might think the station discarded and old couch and stuck it out by the road. 

But, it's not garbage, it's actually the station's "story couch."

Yep, according  to the station, they are going to try something new. They are going to start telling stories about the viewers.

Now...what a novel idea this is. A station that will be telling stories about the viewers.

Wait a minute?!

Isn't that what every station does? And isn't that what every station is supposed to do? 

Aren't the stories supposed to be about the viewers?

You know....unless you are doing an "all about me." Which there certainly seems to be more and more of. 

I'm confused....there must be a TV consultant involved in this somewhere.