News Director Wants Staff to Play Dress Up for Sweeps

It appears that according to an internal memo obtained EXCLUSIVELY by FTVLive that a Michigan News Director wants the staff to dress up for May sweeps. 

Meredith owned WNEM (Saginaw) News Director Ian Rubin sent an email out to the staff to see if anyone wanted to "dress up" as a Muslim woman, an Orthodox Jew or as a "Transgender" for the  May book. 

Guess asking for someone to apply "blackface" and "dress up" as a black person was just going a bit too far. 

What the hell is this guy thinking?!

First off, instead of playing dress up, how about just putting a mic on a real Muslim women or the others and see for yourself? How about just talking to those groups to see what they deal with. 

Do you really need to turn the May sweeps into a Halloween stunt? 

Is Meredith ok with this? 

BTW- Rubin is currently the target of a sex discrimination lawsuit against WNEM by a former reporter for being anti-LGBT. Not sure dressing someone up as "a Transgender" is a good idea right now, or anytime. 

This is a sweeps stunt and nothing more. 

Having news staff play dress up, is NOT the way to cover the story. This is "all about me TV" run amuck.

Let's hope that Rubin and Meredith come to their senses before airing a story like this.

If you want to use hate as a way to grab ratings, just talk to people. You don't need to dress up the white folk. 

There is racism and hate in the world, do you really need to dress people up to figure that out? 

This is nothing more than a weak ratings stunt that is wrong on so many levels. 

Here is the memo, Rubin sent to the staff: