Gone! Just Like That

Yesterday, FTVLive showed you a video posted by Felicia Lawrence, the weekend News Anchor at Fox O&O WJZY Fox 46 in Charlotte. 

The rap video was posted to her Viemo page and we told you to watch it quick, because we figured once The Firm saw the story on FTVLive, the video was going to be pulled. 

It wasn't long before Lawrence's rap video that used a song that featured the N-word and a number of F-bombs was no longer available to view.

In the video, Lawrence was shown snuggling up to a guy, with suggestive moves as the N-word played in the background. 

We have no idea what the point of the video was? Lawrence did not sing or dance on the video, just romped around with the guy.

Not sure if this was her demo reel, but unless she is trying to get a job with MTV, I'm not sure it will do much good. 

Her News Director must be so proud.