Close, but Yet So Far....

You want a load of complete Sinclair crap, check out this story. 

As FTVLive has been telling you, Sinclair is using the same anchor team to give viewers the news at WNWO in Toledo and WOLF in Scranton. The anchors are sitting in South Bend, Indiana as they do it. 

But, if you check out the bio of WOLF Anchor Dayne Marae, you have to laugh. The station brags that Marae is from near the know despite the fact that she is nowhere near the area while she is anchoring the local news. 

On her WOLF bio page it says:

"Dayne Marae anchors FOX56 News First at 10 and is thrilled to be covering news “close” to home. Dayne was raised right next door to Wilkes-Barre, in the Garden State, and goes back home to Randolph to be with family and friends whenever she can."

You have to love how they put the "close" in quotations. 

Even they know it's a crock of shit. 

Here's how her bio reads on the Toledo station's website.