Well, Well, Well....

7 days ago FTVLive wrote, "There are rumors going around that Sinclair is looking at buying up the Tribune stations, once they free up some cap space."

Well, guess what, Today Reuters writes in what they are calling an "exclusive" (Hello?) report that Sinclair has approached Tribune Media about a possible deal. 

The report says that the deal that would hinge on existing regulations being relaxed.

On December 23rd, FTVLive told you that Sinclair was sucking up to Trump for a reason. FTVLive wrote, "Sinclair wants the FCC to relax ownership rules so that can buy more stations and merge them with others in the market."

So while Reuters wants to call their report "exclusive" and now others will pick up on the story, FTVLive has once again been waaaaaay out in front on the story. 

But it is nice to see the others trying to catch up.