"They Fired Me"

If you work on air at Sinclair station (and other ownership groups), then you know that the station controls your social media pages. 

So, when you leave the station, you have to start again building up your followers. Often, when the talent leaves the station, the company pulls down the bio page on the station's website and delete's the social media accounts. 

Then sometimes, they forget to do that. 

WCIV fired Victoria Hansen a few months ago, but her station Facebook page still is online. 

So, in an effort to gain some followers and tell her old followers what happened, Hansen took to the page to update them a month after being let go. 

Not sure that Sinclair likes a message so honest and blunt, but hey, what are they going to do.... fire her? 

We kind of expect that after this story on FTVLive, the page will be coming down in 3.....2.....