Nexstar to FTVLive: Cease and Desist

Nexstar Broadcasting which owns 171 TV stations has its lawyers contact FTVLive and demand that we pull down a story about their News Director's playbook. 

Despite the fact that we were giving the information lawfully and reported on how a publicly traded company covers the news, Nexstar has demanded us to censor our news and pull the story. 

Nexstar's law firm says that we have gotten our hands on proprietary and trade secret information and demands that we "cease from any further publication Nexstar's proprietary information."

The information was willfully given to us and lawfully obtained. 

Of course, during the 2016 Presidential campaign, Nexstar's  stations seem to have no problem reporting on leaked DNC emails and playbook that appeared to carry "proprietary information." This despite the fact that Nexstar knew that this information was illegally obtain through hacking. 

Isn't it ironic.

Back in October, FTVLive told you how Nexstar CEO Perry Sook was given an award by The Media Institute  for Journalism. Now it appears his company is trying to silence a Journalist from reporting on their company. 

Isn't it ironic. 

At this point, FTVLive has complied with the cease and desist and pulled the story. But, we are exploring our options as to how to proceed. 

Many people opposed the deal of Nexstar taking over the Media General stations, saying it would make the company too big. They said having one company control the message to so many was not good. 

Now Nexstar, which employs well around 10,000 people, is going after a media website that employs one. The idea that a media company is trying to silence another member of the media is head shaking to say the least. 

Freedom of the know....except when the press is reporting on you. 

Here is the letter from the Nexstar lawyers to FTVLive: