You and I were Right

Earlier Today FTVLive asked if you wanted to play the Nexstar math game, where we added up 1+1 and hopefully didn't come up with a fraction. 

FTVLive FIRST told you that WBOY (Clarksburg, WV) GM Larry Cottrill announced to the staff yesterday that he will be moving within the company, but did not say where he was headed.

We then told you that WRIC (Richmond)  GM, Viki Regan was walked out of the building last night. 

We asked you to guess where Larry Cottrill was headed?

Well, after we put up that story, Nexstar sent out a press release saying that WRIC was getting a new GM and it was.....hold onto your seats......Larry Cottrill. 

So, we all win a signed Perry Sook 8 x 10 picture and bonus meal at Taco Bell. 

Contact Perry for details.