Is Tamron Hall Headed to Live?

Word is that Tamron Hall might want to replace Micheal Strahan's spot next to Kelly Ripa.

You might remember that Strahan left the show like 6 years ago and Ripa's huge ego won't let anyone replace him, because she gets more time in the spotlight.

The NY Post is now reporting that Hall join Kelly Ripa on “Live With Kelly”.

Could Ripa's ego deal with that? 

The post says that the former “Today” host discussing her career over lunch with Discovery’s Henry Schleiff at Michael’s.

“He was encouraging her to join Kelly,” a spy told us. “He said, ‘Throw your hat in the ring! Lighten things up.’ "

Hall’s rep declined to comment and Ripa was too busy looking at herself in the mirror to talk. 

We'll mark this one as not likely to happen, but then again it's TV, so nothing would surprise us.