Will Plastic Surgery Help Improve Ratings?

Anyone who's ever been on-air, has shuddered when their news director told them, "The image consultant is coming in". That usually means hair color will be changed, ties will be thrown out, dresses will be shortened and maybe even some plastic surgery, suggested.

In a story in Racked, one source says they were told their ears were too big and they should have them 'pinned back'. Turns out, the reporter actually underwent the knife and while he was on the table, his parents told the Doc to go ahead and put a chin implant in, too. Eat your heart out, Jay Leno.

Remember the supposed rule at Fox under Roger Ailes, "Wear your skirts short and your heels high"? But one can argue, these 'image edicts' often seem to work. One person interviewed for the article said, "I always thought the consultants were full of shit".

Regardless, with audience shares diminishing in broadcast news, companies are paying more money to try and grow audience. That means, you can expect to hear from the 'image consultant', for years to come.