Well You Know It's the Book

On Sunday night around 11PM, FTVLive saw a huge spike in traffic going to this story that we wrote back in April. 

We wrote:

WMAQ Sports Anchor Mike Adamle has gone missing from the NBC O&O for the second time in 4 years. 

Adamle was last seen on the station's air about a month ago, when he hosted WMAQ's “Sports Sunday” on March 13th. 

The station is only saying that Adamle was “on personal leave” and was expected to return soon. 

That story was published on April 7th of last year and despite the fact that the station said that Adamle would return "soon"....he never has. 

But, on Sunday night, the NBC O&O ran a tease saying that Adamle was going to reveal his medical condition and tell viewers why he was off the air. 

That tease sent viewers to the internet and Google, thousands came to FTVLive after searching Google for Adamle's name. 

Tonight, WMAQ will air Mike's story....because you know....that's what you do during ratings. And of course, he's talking to only one station. 

On tonight's 10:00pm newscast, WMAQ will air an interview between reporter Peggy Kusinski and Adamle, in which he will publicly reveal his medical condition, and how it relates to his years of playing football. This is something Adamle's family, friends, and co-workers have known for quite some time, but will be openly and publicly discussed for the very first time by him.

Adamle will talk about his serious health condition and why it has prevented him from working on-air, as well as his current treatment and prognosis for the future. 

On Wednesday's 10:00pm newscast, WMAQ will air a follow-up report with additional information on Adamle's disease.

It's still sad that stations, who will not talk about personnel issues 9 months out of the year, are more than happy to do so when it's in a rating book. 

H/T Chicagoland Radio and Media