Bumped Down in Dallas

It appears that The Firm's KDFW in Dallas is slowly pushing longtime Anchor Clarice Tinsley to the door. 

Station insiders tell FTVLive that Tinsley has been pulled from the station's 5PM newscast. 

Tinsley has been at the station 40 years and is the highest paid Anchor on staff. Tinsley who makes hundreds of thousands of dollars is now just anchoring the station's late newscast. 

The 5 p.m. will now be done by Heather Hayes and Stevie Eagar who will also do the 6 p.m. and the 9 p.m. Tinsley will do the 5:30 and 10PM. 

All the other Anchors at the station are anchoring at least two hours of news each day. Now, their highest paid Anchor is doing only an hour. 

Can't believe that The Firm is going to let that stand without either chopping her pay, or gently nudging Tinsley towards retirement. 

Stay tuned....