Little Rock Station Turns to Violence

Nexstar owned KARK is trying their hand to stop violence in Little Rock, even though they admit they can't. 

The station says that in response to the fatal shootings of two Little Rock toddlers at the end of last year, KARK and Fox16 have announced a new anti-violence campaign called "Victory Over Violence."

The station's goal will be to cover crime in a responsible manner focusing on impact, response and solutions.

Victory Over Violence will aim to unite community groups and leaders and be a resource for reducing violence crime and changing lives through improvements in education, jobs, mentoring, and hunger.

“Our newsroom grew tired of sitting back and covering these senseless crimes,” said KARK-Fox16 News Director Austin Kellerman. “We decided we needed to be part of the solution. We don’t just serve the community; this is our home. We’re blessed with the platform to promote change and that’s what we’re going to try and do.”

The station kicked off the new campaign last night, which ironically happens to also be the in the Feb rating period, although were sure that is just a coincidence. Right? 

“After seeing reports on these crimes, it was clear something needed to be done,” said Nexstar Regional Vice President Mike Vaughn. “I’m proud our team developed this comprehensive, long-term campaign, and I challenge groups and businesses to step up and become active participants.”

The station admits that this campaign will not stop violence. 

“We understand we won’t put an end to violence,” added Kellerman. “It’s an unfortunate reality that it will always be there. But we’re going to work to put a dent in the problem and empower organizations that do great work to get the resources and assistance they deserve and need.”

And if it boost the station's ratings? Well that just a bonus.