4 Things - Monday Edition

Each day FTVLive scours the internet for the 4 Things that you must know. 

We read the internet, so you don't have to. 

So....with that in mind, let's do Today's 4 Things....

1. If you read a poll and it shows bad news, it is 100% fake. At least it is according to your President. So, if you see a poll that showed s that smoking can kill you, don't believe it for a second and feel free to light up. 

2. If your kid has ever sent the pink hibiscus flower emoji, he/she is a meth head and a crack addict. LINK

3. Cameras caught a meteor lighting up the skies of Chicago. Either it was that, or Trump is already started bombing the south side of Chicago. 

4. Lady Gaga showed that you can put on a spectacular half-time show and do so without showing your nipple.