Is the Nerd Prom Going to be Canceled?

Not that anyone other than Brian Stelter cares, but the White House Correspondents Dinner is on life support right now and may get canceled. 

The New York Times reports that both Vanity Fair and The New Yorker, two Conde Nast publications, have pulled out of their annual parties. VF editor in chief Graydon Carter, no fan of Donald Trump, says he’s going fishing that weekend.

The White House Correspondents Association announced on Twitter a couple of days they were going ahead with the dinner.

But President Trump might not show up to the dinner and a number of people don't want him there. 

Which sounds like a reason to cancel the whole thing.

As for CNN's Media Critic.... Stelter first attended the dinner when he was still in college and then bitched when interns and "kids" were let into the after parities. 

Yes....the kid bitched that they were letting other kids in. The nerve of them.