All Hands on Deck Meeting at Tribune Stations

Word is that the staff was called to a meeting at WPIX in New York and told that the station was rebranding. 

The station will soon be called "New York's Very Own".

If that sounds is. Tribune's Chicago station, WGN has been called "Chicago's Very Own" for quite sometime. In fact the Chicago station is on of the few bright spots in the Tribune company. 

We also hear that KTLA in Los Angeles will be rebranded to "LA's Very Own."

Also, FTVLive told you that Tribune had sold the studios of WGN to a real estate developer. WGN will now lease the space from the new owner. 

But, we hear that isn't the only station building that Tribune is planning on selling off. Real Estate agents have been spotted in other Tribune stations and it appears that they are planning to sell more buildings as well.

Stay tuned....