Small Markets, Small Bribes

For the past few days, FTVLive has been showing you TV stations that have given up on during good Journalism and are now just bribing viewers to watch their newscasts. 

A DC station is giving away $1000 a day to a viewer that watches their morning show. A Phoenix station is giving $500.

But in small markets like Rochester, MN, giving away $20,000 in a month is like giving up an Anchor salary for an entire year. 

But, KAAL in Rochester wanted to get in on the viewer bribery game and they figured out a way. Make your advertisers pay up. 

The station is giving away $250 gift certificates to viewers that watch the morning show. You can get $250 to buy some Amish Furniture or for Truckin' America. 

Only one viewer will win the grand prize of $1000.

I don't know about you, but I'm not watching a newscast, just so I can get a couple hundred bucks to spend at Truckin' America.

But that's just me....

Also, WRGB in Albany is giving away a measly $100. It's almost no even worth pushing the power button on the remote. 

Also, when you say "cold hard cash" and the say it's a gift card.... well that just ain't right.