FTVLive's 4 Things - Friday Edition

Remember, we read the internet, so you don't have to. 

Here are the 4 Things you NEED to know Today: 

1. A Pennsylvania man was pinched by Police after they say he stole a pizza. The man's name? Sheldon Cheese. LINK

2. A Florida News Director is not too worried about the Feb Book. She is having an Oscar contest in her newsroom. Marty Hagg rolls over one more time. LINK

3. Rescue crews are searching for the 'Sharkwater' filmmaker who is missing near the Florida Keys. He might be making new documentary detailing life inside a shark. LINK

4. Lastly, Trump adviser KellyAnne Conway cites the infamous Bowling Green Massacre in defense of Trump's Muslim ban. And really, who could ever forget that tragic event? You know....besides everyone?  LINK