"Trigger Happy" Milwaukee Station Catches Heat for Live Post

WDJT in Milwaukee was doing a Facebook Live feed of a homicide scene, because you know, there are just not enough murder scene's on Facebook. 

Anyway, while the video was streaming live, a WDJT Reporter or Photographer made a comment to a random black male who was walking by,  “Be careful because cops are trigger happy.” 

The shooting occurred at 57th and W. Center and was apparently between citizens.The only involvement by law enforcement was in investigating the homicide and trying to arrest the shooter. 

Blue Lives Matter reports that WDJT refuses to identify the staffer that made the comment and has deleted the portion of the broadcast where the comment was made.

In a nine-minute long post, the audio has been deleted from the beginning until 6:41 in on the video.  

The station did take to Facebook to post that the employee was not a Reporter and referred to them as, "Off camera station employee." They have refused to say who, or what their job was.