Trump Won't Attend White House Correspondents' Dinner

President Trump says he's skipping the annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, this year. It'll be the first time in 36 years, since a president hasn't attended. Ronald Reagan missed the dinner in 1981, but that's because he was recovering from being shot in an assassination attempt.

Trump has been giving the media fits since taking office. His attacks on many news organizations have become routine. The White House has accused CNN, The New York Times, The LA Times and others as an "opposition party".

CNN is reportedly contemplating boycotting the dinner, as well. (As we reported earlier this week, if that happens, Brian Stelter may need to check into rehab.) Bloomberg and Vanity Fair already canceled their popular after party.

The so-called "nerd prom" has been criticized for quite some time before Trump became president. Many think it's become a Hollywood schmooze fest instead of an event to honor the work of journalists and award scholarships.

Our suggestion to the WHCA is to get Alec Baldwin to play Trump at the dinner; some news organizations wouldn't know the difference anyway.