A Game the Whole Family Can Play

Back in December FTVLive FIRST told you that Tegna owned WTSP in Tampa was laying off a number of staffers. 

Some of those employees are still working at the station, until their contract runs out at which time they will be kicked to the curb.

But, while the layoffs are technically still happening, WSTP News Director Bob Clinkingbeard is hiring a couple of old friends. 

An internal memo was sent to the staff from Clinkingbeard telling them that he had hired a new Sports Anchor and a new Weather Anchor, that also happen to be husband and wife. 

Clinkingberad uses the memo to talk about his friends and how "brilliant" he is as a News Director. He was the former News Director at WFMY, the station that hubby and wife are coming from. 

I'm sure those that have been, or going to be laid off at the station, really appreciated his humor. 

Here's the memo obtained by FTVLive: