Taking the Express Lane

It's not unusual that TV stations take a stand to try and make a difference. You see stations run campaigns against domestic violence, or child obesity, or some other good cause.

WPLG in Miami is taking their fight to the highway. The station has been trying to do away with the express lanes in South Florida.

In SoFlo, you can only drive in the express lanes if you pay. The EL's toll lanes that drivers can use to bypass the heavy traffic. 

WPLG wants to be able to drive in whatever damn lane they want and they want viewers to sign their petition to make it happen. 

Oh....the station campaign is brought to you by Lexus, which if you can afford a Lexus, you can afford the express lane.

Just saying.... 

So, feel free to feed your kid crap food, smack around the wife a bit, but damn it, let's be able to get to the strip bar a few minutes earlier if we want to.