From Anchor to EP

It's not often you see and Anchor leave the desk to become an Executive Producer. But, that is what's happening at WCTI (New Bern) with Morning Anchor Anna Bulszewicz.

And, she's not even getting better hours. 

The station announced that Bulszewicz is leaving the morning anchor desk to become station’s Morning Executive Producer.

Lauren Arnott, who recently took over anchor duties at noon, will become the next morning anchor on NewsChannel 12 and Fox Eastern Carolina starting March 2. 

Bulszewicz wrote this looooong note to viewers on the station's website: 

To my dearest viewers of eastern North Carolina,

Where do I begin? We’ve been together for the last seven years. Every morning my alarm would sound and my feet would hit the ground knowing we’d get together for a cup of coffee, a delivery of the day’s news and a check of your forecast with one of my best friends, Les Still. Yes, it was early. Yes, some days it was harder than others, but I knew you would be on the other side of the TV screen, rain or shine.

As I’ve discussed through the years, I’m not from around here. I’m an Italian, Polish, Catholic girl from a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. In fact, I learned quite quickly I was different when I first settled in as the Greenville bureau reporter in late 2008. At 24 years old, I kissed my mom, dad and the rest of my family and said goodbye. I packed my bags and headed south to continue to chase my fancy dream to become a successful journalist. I would eventually become the new brunette on the block to greet you and kick start your day during your morning routine.

As a TV news anchor, you quickly learn it’s not as easy as it looks. You must be polished. You must research. You must have a quick wit and know how to “anchor” the show when things go wrong. All of these things amount to one main goal: You must gain the trust and support of your community and your viewers. These are things the big guys tell you - your bosses, mentors, consultants, etc. But I’d like to share with you what they don’t tell you.

They don’t tell you that when you "anchor" you will begin to form an unbreakable bond with strangers, some who turn into friends who feel like family. They don’t mention that the people who you serve will make you feel like you are the most important person in the world. They don’t say how this widespread support system will fuel you with fierce purpose and intention. You all are that for me. You’ve made me reach higher. You’ve helped me grow beyond measure. You’ve given me the power of perspective. How will I ever repay you?

Eastern North Carolinians, I’ve adored our time together. I’ve adored all the laughter and support shared with my partner-in-crime, Les Still. I’ve adored our behind the scenes crew, who are the real showmen and women. But I believe more than anything, I’ve begun to learn how to read my intuition. I’m sensing it’s time for a new challenge. I’m taking a break from on-air journalism to assume a managerial role as WCTI’s morning executive producer. It’s time to shake things up in my world and fine tune my skillset even further. I want you to know I will still be there during our morning shift, I will just be behind the scenes working alongside my fabulous colleague and our rising WCTI star, Lauren Arnott. Yes, I will still be there to boss around my guy Les Still (I say laughingly).

Have we had a good run or what? I think one’s success is knowing when it’s time to bow out on a high note. My entire extended family back home in Michigan, my closest friends from near and far and our WCTI 12 staff have showed enormous support. To you all, thank you for understanding my extended goals and dreams. Thank you for helping me make it this far.

But to my Eastern North Carolinians, thank you. You’ve given my life deeper meaning. You’ve channeled my inner purpose. You’ve changed my life. You have my utmost gratitude for taking this determined Detroit girl and making her feel like pure Carolina gold.

A salute to the next chapter.

All my love,

Anna Michele Bulszewicz