Nexstar News Director does 7 Minute Package on Himself and His Dog

This one has to make Perry Sook proud....

WTVO (Rockford) News Director Scott Picken was issued a summons for letting his dog run loose. 

Picken said the charge was bogus and he did a 7 minute story on the station's newscast about the "false claim."

Picken reported the story himself, which kind of throws objectivity out the window. The package was one of the longest to ever run on the station and remember it was about Picken getting a small fine summons. 

Imagine what would happen if something really happened to the News Director? We might be looking a a 7 day sweeps segment running a half hour at a time.

It seems that "all about me TV" has moved up the food chain to even include the News Directors doing stories on themselves.

Of course this Nexstar and CEO Perry Sook forces stations to run stories on him all the time. So it seems  Picken is just following in the bosses footsteps.

Buit really? 7 minutes?!

We would embed the video below, but the station does not allow it. You can watch it here. 

You know....if you have 7 minutes of time to kill.