Karma is a Bitch

Back in October, FTVLive told you that a news crew from WIVB in Buffalo was assaulted while covering a story. 

A punk named  Evan Stafford was arrested after hurting the WIVB Photog, giving him a black eye, cuts and bruises, a facial fracture and requiring stitches inside of his mouth.

Yesterday Stafford was in the news again. 

This time it seems that Stafford was one one that was assaulted. WKBW reports that officers responded to Indian Hill Road just after 3:00 a.m. for reports of a stabbing. After arriving on the scene, police found Evan Stafford lying in the driveway with "numerous lacerations" to his torso.

As first responders were tending to Stafford, the suspect emerged from the woods nearby and surrendered to police. 27-year-old Raymond Printup was taken into custody without incident.

Stafford is listed in critical condition.