Sinclair Cuts Back Ohio Newscast

Sinclair continues to gut Toledo's WNWO.

The company announced that they are moving the station's news operation out of Ohio and to Indiana.

The newscast for Toledo, Ohio will be produced out of WSBT in South Bend, Indiana. 

Last night, WNWO Anchors informed viewers that the station is also chopping an hour and a half off the morning newscast. 

The newscast, which had started at 5AM, is now going to start at 6:30AM. WNWO will run an hour of NBC's "Early Today" airs at 5:30 following a rerun of "Family Feud" at 5.

So, Sinclair another company that talks about their commitment to news, is replacing the news with Family Feud and moving the entire news operation out of state.

Nice commitment.