San Francisco News Director is Out

Sources are telling FTVLive that KTVU News Director Dana Hahn is out at The Firm's Oakland, CA O&O. 

FTVLive tried calling the station, but you know when you are dealing with The Firm, everyone is scared to death to talk. 

We asked a newsroom staffer if the Hahn news was true? "I can't respond to that, hang on."

FTVLive was then told we needed to contact Erica Keane with Fox Television. They might as well told us to call the Kremlin, because Erica Keane is no help what-so-ever.

It is odd that a News Director would be gone in the middle of the Feb book, but it sure appears that is what happened.  

Hahn joined KTVU in 2014 from Fox O&O WTTG in Washington, DC. Now it appears she is out the door and no one inside the station is talking.

Gots to love the communications business.