CNN Whines that Trump is Ignoring Them

After all the making fun of, mocking and one sided negative coverage of President Trump, CNN wonders why the President is not calling on them at press conferences. 

Joe Concha of The Hill writes, CNN's Jim Acosta said Wednesday that President Trump only called on conservative news outlets during his joint news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because "the fix is in" on which outlets get to ask questions.

FTVLive still remembers the days when the press was just the press and were not divided into groups of conservative and liberal? 

"You have a White House now that is in crisis," said CNN host John King following coverage of the news conference. "And calling on conservative news outlets, fine. But it doesn't answer questions the people should have. Questions that the American people, not just the news media, have."

In other words, King thinks that conservative news outlets can't ask the tough questions. 

Acosta, who was at the White House but was not called upon and was heard shouting a question when the news conference ended, was asked by King for his take on the president's choice of outlets that asked questions.

"The two questions that were asked or called upon from the president in this news conference went to the Christian Broadcasting Network, no accident, which is obviously owned by Pat Robertson, the televangelist down in Virginia," said Acosta. "It's a very conservative broadcasting network."

Acosta then characterized, which got the second question, as "a very conservative website." "And so in the last three news conferences, all of the questions to the American news media have been handled by conservative press. And, I think, there's no other way to describe it, but the fix is in."

Now, we agree, that the President needs to start facing the tough questions and step up. But, we can't blame Trump for not calling on CNN. Their actions have shown that they are no longer a legitimate news outlet. 

In fact, it would be nice to see Trump ignore the biased cable news networks altogether and start letting the more "real" news operations like ABC, CBS and NBC ask the questions. 

Make news great again.