Sinclair Tries to Defend Softball Question to Trump

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that NBC called out a Sinclair station for lobbing a softball question at President Trump.

Sinclair's WJLA Reporter Scott Thuman was at the White House presser with President Trump’s and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

There were some tough questions the media was chomping at the bit to ask Trump. Mainly, questions about then (now gone) National Security Chief Micheal Flynn's future? 

When Trump decided to call on Reporters, he decided to go to people that would lob him a couple of softballs and Thuman was one of those he called on. 

Thuman asked leaders whether either had decided to "alter or amend" their very different approaches to immigration, terrorism, and trade.

Thuman's question was so soft that even Fox News thought it was planted and scripted by the White House?

Sinclair is now trying to defend their softie to the President. 

Sinclair Broadcast Group's Vice President of News, Scott Livingston defended the reporter for working "to go beyond inside the beltway chatter and get to the heart of the issues that are relevant to all Americans ... The question wasn’t pre-set, screened nor suggested by the White House. We stand by Scott’s judgement and reporting."

Of course, this is the same Scott Livingston that wrote a memo to employees saying that they were showing too much liberal bias (FIRST reported by FTVLive) in their reporting and on their social media. This is the same Scott Livingston that supposedly cut a deal with Trump during the campaign to give him favorable coverage. 

Now, Livingston is standing behind his Reporter that could have asked about one of the biggest internal scandals since Iran/Contra and instead lobbed a big fat softball. 

Is anyone surprised?