Pushed Out in Palm Springs (Updated)

It a Palm Springs Anchor is out the door. 

Sources told FTVLive that Ball is gone from the station.

Earlier FTVLive reported that sources said there was an incident in the newsroom. 

Update: Ball says there was no incident, but did confirm that he is no longer with the station. 

"I am no longer with the station. My deal was up, there was discussion of a major shift change that would have negatively impacted my life with my daughter. And we were we not able to reach an agreement', Ball said in an email to FTVLive. 

This isn't the first time Ball has been let go. 

Back in 2012, Ball, the co-anchor of the 4 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts at Sin City's KSNV, was fired after less than two years at the station. 

When he showed up at the Las Vegas station, he was greeted with packed boxes and escorted out of the building. 

While in Vegas, sources say Ball was regularly at odds with management and fellow staffers during his tenure.

Ball, who came to KMIR in December 2014 has made no mention of his leaving on social media. In March of 2015, FTVLive told you that along with Anchoring the news, Ball was also selling houses on the side. 

Looks like he now has more time to work on his Realestate career.