Can You Be MORE Wrong?

KHBS/KHOG (Rogers, AR)  sent out a tweet on Sunday talking about the winter weather that moved into the area on Saturday. 

Snow totals went anywhere from a trace to 1", not exactly a blizzard, but still amazing.

Why are such small snow totals are "amazing"....well I'll tell you. 

I checked the weather for both Saturday and Sunday for the KHBS/KHOG viewing area. 

When I checked the weather on Sunday afternoon, it was 60 degrees, hardly cold enough to snow. But, these snow totals for for Saturday. Look at the temp on Saturday, it was 81 freaking degrees. 

Now if it snowed, even just a trace in 81 degree weather, this my friends is a major story. 

I'm think someone in the 40/29 Weather Center is either high or drunk.