Anchor Couldn't Wait to Get Into Politics

WDBJ Anchor Chris Hurst announced that he would be leaving WDBJ in Roanoke.

Hurst who was the boyfriend of murdered WDBJ Reporter Alison Parker didn't even stick around to the end of the Feb book.

Hurst told his bosses Friday morning that he was done Anchoring the news and was planning to run for public office.  Hurst is going to run for State House of Delegates in Virgina. 

His last newscast was Thursday night.

Many saw Hurst as the face of a TV station that was going through and awful tragedy. Many others thought he exploited Parker's death for his own glory.

Hurst had announced that he was going to stay till the end of the Feb book, but then (maybe as a gear up to being a politician) he changed his mind.

“I had every intention of doing what I originally told the station I would do,” Hurst said Friday in a telephone interview. “I wanted to stay until the end of February, but the speculation, and people asking me, my friends and co-workers what I was planning to do, seemed to be a distraction.”

Hurst told News Director David Hughes that Friday would be his last day. After hearing about Hurst’s plan for a future in politics, Hughes decided the co-anchor should not do Friday’s newscasts.

Matt Pumo, WDBJ vice president and general manager, issued a statement that read: “Chris informed us that he is running for political office and can no longer serve as an on-air news anchor. We wish Chris well and thank him for his years here.” 

The station announced that Robin Reed will replace Hurst on the anchor desk. 

H/T The Roanoke Times