Whatever Happened to that Story?

The biggest problem with the media is they are like a cat. They can't stay focused on anything for more than a few minutes. 

Remember the story about how Russian intelligence, under the orders of Vladimir Putin, mounted an extensive operation to influence the 2016 campaign to benefit Donald Trump?

Remember how a former British counterintelligence officer included allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.?

What happened to those stories? 

It seems like one of the biggest stories to hit in a longtime and then the media just moved onto more important stories like Trump's bathrobe and an SNL skit on Sean Spicer. 

Just look at the White House daily press briefings. Since Trump entered office, there has been far more back-and-forth between reporters and Press Secretary Sean Spicer on the inauguration crowd size, Trump's bathrobe, and Melissa McCarthy than the Russia scandal.

Trump associates are perhaps being questioned by House and Senate intelligence committee investigators, and the FBI, which according to news reports has looked at possible ties between Trump advisers and Russia, might also still be on the case.

Yet this has not been all but ignored by White House Reporters.

Here's a couple of questions that the press could ask Spicer, instead of asking what kind of gum he chews? 

Have any past or present Trump associates, inside or outside his administration, been contacted or questioned by the intelligence committees, the FBI, or any other government body investigating the Russian hacking or interactions between Trump's circle and Russia?

During the presidential campaign, did Trump or any of his political or business associates have any interactions with Russian officials or Russian intermediaries?

The President's own people may be under investigation, and Trump has demonstrated no interest in holding Putin accountable for messing with US elections in what may be considered an act of covert warfare.

Still, there has been no loud demand from the  media for answers and explanations. 

Oh look....a shiny object!

H/T Mother Jones