The Swann is Out of the Social Media Pool

Has the Swann been plucked? 

It appears that WGCL (Atlanta) Anchor Ben Swann is no longer swimming in the social media pool. 

Swann is the main Anchor at the Meredith station that embarrassed his co-workers and station by trying to bring the debunked "pizzagate" story back to life. 

Then FTVLive reported FIRST that Swann was trying to raise $50,000 from viewers, so he could tell the story how the US government intentionally created ISIS.

After FTVLive brought Swann's crowd funding efforts to light, his bosses made him shut it down and return the almost $15,000 he had already raised. 

At the time Swann also said that he was going to shutdown his social media on Feb 1st. 

Well, the 1st is here and it appears that both his Facebook page and Twitter are no longer up. 

Does this mean that Swann is taking off his tin foil hat and no longer pursuing his conspiracy stories? 


Swann has questioned everything from the Sandy Hook shooting to 9/11. Swann has many fans that like to sign onto his conspiracy thoughts as much as he does. Swann calls his segment "Reality Check", although many inside the station think he's a long way from reality in his stories. 

Back in 2014, Swann and Ron Paul sat down, put on their tin foil hats and discussed 9/11. 

At one point Swann said, "You know, speaking candidly here, when you're a journalist who asks questions, most media doesn't want you to ask questions. And most media, and media managers and media companies are very uncomfortable with the idea that you question the narrative that's in place. They're trying to please advertisers, they're trying to please politicians, they're trying to please friends with all kinds of political and business connections, and so they don't want questions being asked."

We have to wonder if  if Meredith Broadcasting (owner of WGCL) has a thing or two to say about this?

Stay tuned....