4 Things You NEED to Know Today

FTVLive is kicking off a segment called......you ready?........ 4 Things

As you go through the day, you will see, read and hear about a lot of stuff on the Internet. FTVLive takes all that information and boils it down to the only 4 things you need to know. 

In other words, we read the internet, so you don't have to. 

So, let's kick off Today's 4 Things you MUST know.

1. If Wolf Blitzer sees his shadow tomorrow, does that mean we have 6 more weeks of fake news? LINK

2. If you're Anchor starts comparing major news stories to an episode of The Bachelor, should she really be an Anchor? LINK

3. Nebraska's flag flew upside down at Capitol for 10 days and nobody noticed. My trash cans stay out 45 minutes after the garbage men come and I'm getting a letter from the homeowners association. LINK

4. A 9 year old kid wants to have TV News Anchor hair. If the boy starts wearing makeup and demanding a clothing allowance, the parents might want to worry. LINK

And that my friends....is your 4 Things.