News Directors, News Managers Accused of Sexual Misconduct


FTVLive has been contacted about inappropriate sexual misconduct by a number of News Directors and News Managers in both local and cable TV news. 

FTVLive is looking into the complaints and the stories that have been passed along to us. 

There is no doubt that this inappropriate conduct has happened in local newsrooms as well as cable and we are trying to shed some light on the story.

If you have any information or feel that you have been harassed feel free to contact FTVLive and we can assure you that your identity will be protected. 

Others have come forward to FTVLive, if you do so as well, you might be able to help stop this kind of behavior and stop another person from having to go through what you went through. 

If you are one of those News Directors or News Managers that have been involved in this kind of conduct, just know your day is coming and FTVLive and others are looking into your actions.

And that alone should scare the hell out of you.

It's time to stop the mistreatment of employees and it's time to make the workplace a safe place for everyone.

Stay tuned...