The Most Read Story on FTVLive in 2017


Once again, FTVLive broke a number of huge stories in 2017. 

But which one was the most read by the people logging onto FTVLive? 

This one happened in the nation's biggest market, but it wasn't the most read story (although it did get a lot of views). 

This story out of Nashville got a lot of readers. But came nowhere close to being No. 1. 

The story involving Sinclair and Fox making a deal was widely read. But still, it wasn't the most read. 

Speaking on Sinclair, this memo FIRST obtained by FTVLive got a lot of traffic. But still, it wasn't the most read. 

And speaking of memos, this memo about the Tegna hunger games was a bit hit with FTVLive readers. But still not No. 1. 

This Atlanta Reporter using the N-Word was read a lot and so was this Atlanta Anchor dropping the N-word on the newscast. One of them was fired, one was not. 

The most-read story on FTVLive this year happened earlier this month and it came out of the Fox station in LA. 

You know what story we're talking about. Right? 

As we turn the calendar on another year, you can be sure that FTVLive will be here, covering the news about TV news and doing it better than everyone else. 

Keep reading guys and Happy New Year!