DOJ Gives The OK To Sinclair, Now Look for....


It appears that the nightmare is about to become reality for those working at Tribune stations. 

The Justice Department says that it is willing to sign off on the Sinclair/Tribune deal.

The DOJ did add one condition, Sinclair would have to sell off about a dozen stations to get the deal's final approval. 


This will not be a problem. 

As FTVLive FIRST told you an EXCLUSIVE report, Sinclair has made a backroom deal to sell off some of the stations to Fox Television. 

Yesterday, after Fox announced that they were selling a big chunk of their company to Disney, CEO Rupert Murdoch said that Fox would now be looking to buy more stations. 

What Murdoch did not say is that he already has a handshake deal with Sinclair to acquire a number of stations from Sinclair.  

Tribune owned KCPQ in Seattle will sold to Fox after the Sinclair deal is settled. 

Here is a partial list of the other stations Fox is interested in getting from Sinclair. 

KDVR Denver
WJW Cleveland
KSWB San Diego
WDAF Kansas City

Sinclair has a number of Fox stations in which their affiliation deals are coming up at the end of the year. 

Fox is willing to keep their affiliation with Sinclair, provided that Sinclair sells Fox the stations they are interested in. 

Look for some sort of announcement to come very soon and remember, FTVLive told you all about this back in November. 

The others will all be playing catch up.