Sinclair Chops Another Longtime Anchor

The race between Sinclair and Tegna as to who can fired the most longtime talent is tightening up. 

Sinclair moves up the leaderboard by parting ways with WJLA anchor Maureen Bunyan, who's been with the ABC station since 1999.  

Her departure, slated for February, comes following the recent high-profile departures of Leon Harris, Gordon Peterson, and Arch Campbell, and speculation that Doug Hill could be next to get the boot.  The Washington Post reports on Bunyan's ouster, and that Sinclair is reportedly exercising a clause in her contract that allows either party to exit before full-term.

The 71-year-old Bunyan, before WJLA, spent 22 years with the CBS station WUSA (even though the previous WDVM and WTOP calls, a Gannett/TEGNA property), and worked at WCBS in NYC, before her DC career, as well as worked in Boston before NYC.

Your move Tegna...