Memphis Station to Weed Out the Shills

WMC in Memphis has had some embarrassing (unethical?) interviews on their air of late and now News Director Tammy Phillips is now trying to stop it. 

In an email obtained by FTVLive, Phillips is now banning studio interviews with paid PR flacks, which had been a mainstay of the 7am and weekend morning shows.

The memo was sent out just hours after Lane Bryant employees got three minutes of free airtime to talk about new gym outfits. Last month, local Church's Chicken operators got the news and weather anchor to taste a new "jalapeno crunch" recipe on live television.

Phillips had likely seen enough and sent out this memo. No word on how the sales deprtment feels about this? 

Subject: Questions for Guests on WMC AN5
From: Phillips, Tammy
To: All WMC News Dept

ALL interview guests who appear on WMC Action News 5 for interview segments must fill out a questionnaire.   It helps anchors and producers prepare for our interviews and should also help vet interviews.
Beginning immediately, we need to add this question to the questionnaire. 
Are you being paid by a person or company to come on our air? Yes____ No____
If the answer is yes… Cancel the interview.
Interviews should promote community events or provide valuable information for our viewers.
Tammy Phillips
News Director
WMC Action News 5