Larry Mendte Says Sorry to CoAnchor that he Hacked

This lawsuit has been going on for years.... 

Back in the mid 2000's KYW Anchor Larry Mendte hacked into his co-Anchor Alycia Lane's private email and the leaked the information to different news outlets and gossip reporters. 

In 2008 Lane sued Mendte  and KYW's owner CBS. 

The lawsuit has been winding its way through the courts for almost 9 years and it has now come down to a settlement. 

A settlement that includes Mendte apologizing to Lane. 

"I deeply regret my actions with respect to Alycia Lane and the harm that I caused her," Mendte wrote in a statement included in court filings. "I repeatedly and illegally invaded her personal email accounts, obtained personal information and fed stories to the press to make it appear as if she was carrying on inappropriate relationships with men, which was untrue and unfair.

"In the end, I harmed her career and I clearly caused her undue and considerable emotional distress. I am deeply sorry for that. Alycia is an accomplished journalist. I wish her and her family the best in the future."

Yesterday Common Pleas Court Judge Frederica Massiah-Jackson also issued order that permanently bars Mendte from making any comments about Lane on any subject in any public or private forum; releasing any information about her that he saw or obtained during his time with CBS; and releasing any documents from the court case to anyone without the court's approval.

The case effectively ruined the career of Mendte, who at the time was believed to be the second-highest-paid male anchor in Philadelphia, behind Jim Gardner of ABC. Lane went on to become a morning anchor on the NBC station in Los Angeles. The station let her go in 2013.