Amen Dale...

People email FTVLive all the time and thank us for saying it the way it is. Sometimes they tell us they don't agree with us, but are impressed that we take a stand and pull no punches.

For that, we are flattered. 

Not many in TV news will say it the way it is, in fear of pissing people.

But you can count on two people to do just that. FTVLive and WFFA's Sports Anchor Dale Hanson. 

Oklahoma Sooners Running Back Joe Mixon puched a woman in the face and he was suspended. Football announcer Brent Musburger talked about the incident and caught a bunch of heat for what he said. 

So, let's let Dale Hanson weigh in and we could not agree more. 

Thanks Dale.....for telling it the way it is.