Ben is Back

After digesting some leftover pizza, WGCL Anchor Ben Swann returned to the air at the struggling Atlanta station. 

Swann was off the air after trying to reheat the Pizzagate story that had all been debunked. Swann's story fell flat and ended up embarrassing the station and WGCL owner Meredith in the process. 

While Swann was off, FTVLive reported that he was trying to raise $50,000 to report another conspiracy story that the US government intentionally created ISIS.

Swann was asking viewers to give him $50,000 through a crowd funding website. 

After FTVLive's story, Swann (WGCL management?) pulled the plug on the ISIS story and agreed to return the almost $15,000 that was raised to report it. 

Tomorrow, Swann has said that he will pull the plug on his Facebook page that helps promote his conspiracy stories. 

Last night, the anchor returned to the air. But many on staff were not happy to see his return. "As an employee of CBS46, I have never been more humiliated to work for the station," said one station insider to FTVLive. "The fact that Meredith isn't doing anything about this and Ben will be back on the desk today (last night) is unbelievable," the staffer added. 

One can only wonder, if FTVLive did not report on the proposed ISIS far would this have gone?

BTW, Meredith never did thank us for bringing this to their attention. 

Ungrateful much?