Anchor Asks Co-Anchor to Flash Viewers

FTVLive told you EXCLUSIVELY that Fox Philly Anchor Mike Jerrick was suspended after saying that Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway was "good at bullshit."

Yesterday, after a week off, Jerrick returned to the air, said he was sorry and then asked Weather Anchor Sue Serio to "flash" viewers.

Yesterday, Jerrick admitted that he  “went over the line” while talking about Conway. 

"This show is different than every other show, and I like to take all of our subject matter right up to the line," Jerrick said Monday. “Last Tuesday, I went over the line. I used a word you can’t say on TV.”

Jerrick moved on to Serio, whom he begged to get him out of the spotlight with a suitable distraction.

“Do something so inappropriate and get me off the hook,” Jerrick told her Monday. “Flash us right now.”

Serio declined, telling the anchor that her dress was “a little snug” for the task. The on-air staff then laughed the comment off, and moved on to weather.